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We urge interested prospective puppy owners to educate themselves about the breed before contacting our or any club's puppy referral service. To that end, we suggest that you read and become familiar with the materials located below and on the BMD Resources page of this website. Many people do not want to go through the puppy stage and opt for a grown dog, through our rescue program. Others want the intensity of nurturing an active pup and require help in locating a reputable breeder.   

The wait time for a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder can be as long as a year. Whatever your choice, help can be found by contacting us or clicking on the national breed club's Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America "Online Breeder Referral" at http://www.bmdca.org/olbr/ .Please DO NOT BUY a Bernese Mountain Dog from an Internet website or from a pet store. Responsible breeders DO NOT sell or place their puppies in this way. For more information for Prospective Puppy Buyers see information on our Resources page.   

TRBMDC Breeder Referral 

Cheryl Sams, cheryl.sams@me.com
PH: 804-690-8833

Puppy Breath!

So You Want a Puppy...

If you think Bernese are a good fit 

for your family and you fully understand the health issues associated with this breed, contact our Breeder Referral Chair.

TRBMDC's puppy referral service is a voluntary service. TRBMDC does not inspect, monitor or regulate the breeding or business practices of breeders we suggest. Accordingly, the TRBMDC does not endorse, guarantee, recommend or otherwise approve of any particular breeders or guarantee or accept any responsibility for the health, temperament or any other aspect of the dog(s) sold by breeders it suggests. Information should be verified by the purchaser. TRBMDC emphasizes that buyers should carefully document, in writing, all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees made by sellers of Bernese Mountain Dogs. The seller should sign such documentation or provide a purchase contract that covers the same provisions. The seller should also fulfill his/her obligations throughout the life of the dog.