Bernese Mountain Dog Club


Tri-Colored Love

Our process for adopting a rescued dog or a dog in need of rehoming is rigorous and thorough because we are protecting the dog.

If after reading these pamphlets you feel you want to pursue adoption, please download the adoption candidate form on this page (see left). Complete the form and send it via snail mail to the Rescue Chair whose address is indicated on the form. Our Rescue Committee will evaluate your application. We will then inform you of our decision and the availability of a rescue or re-home candidate. We charge an adoption fee for each dog that we place. This covers veterinary and fostering expenses that we incur when we take a dog into our rescue program.  We do not profit from our rescue activities.

If you are in a situation in which you can no longer take care of your Bernese Mountain Dog (e.g, divorce, illness, or job loss), please contact us. We will assist in placing your dog in a loving home. We do not charge owners relinquishing dogs for our re-homing services. Likewise, we do not buy dogs from owners who are relinquishing dogs.  

Our Adoption Process

For information on the availability of Club rescued Bernese Mountain Dogs, please contact our Rescue Chair. Should you find that you are no longer able to care for your Bernese Mountain Dog or that you are aware of a Bernese Mountain dog in need of rescue, please contact our Rescue Chair.

Rescue Chair,  Julia Airgood. PH: 412.963.9355